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Daily Practice Video downloads:(paying subscriber students only)

Daily Practice Module 1 Videos...
Daily Practice Module 2 Videos...
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Beginning Music Theory for Guitar  Videos: (paying subscriber students only)

Music Theory for Guitar Vol 1A
Music Theory for Guitar Vol 1B
Music Theory for Guitar Vol 1C
Music Theory for Guitar Vol 1D
Music Theory for Guitar Vol 1E
Music Theory for Guitar Vol 1F

Blues Guitar video lesson downloads......(paying subscriber students only)

PB on Johnny Winter/Be Careful with a fool/SRV/Texas Flood
Stormy Monday Blues Part 1
Stormy Monday Blues Part 2
Stormy Monday Blues Part 3

Stormy Monday Blues Part 4

EZ Blues Guitar Part 1A
EZ Blues Guitar Part 1B

Music Theory 101 Video downloads:(paying subscriber students only)

Music_Theory_101_Part_1A.mp4 Music_Theory_101_Part_3I.mp4 Music_Theory_101_Part_5F.mp4
Music_Theory_101_Part_2A.mp4 Music_Theory_101_Part_3J.mp4 Music_Theory_101_Part_5G.mp4
Music_Theory_101_Part_3A.mp4 Music_Theory_101_Part_4A.mp4 Music_Theory_101_Part_5H.mp4
Music_Theory_101_Part_3B.mp4 Music_Theory_101_Part_4B.mp4 Music_Theory_101_Part_5I.mp4
Music_Theory_101_Part_3C.mp4 Music_Theory_101_Part_4C.mp4 Music_Theory_101_Part_5J.mp4
Music_Theory_101_Part_3D.mp4 Music_Theory_101_Part_4D.mp4 Music_Theory_101_Part_5K.mp4
Music_Theory_101_Part_3E.mp4 Music_Theory_101_Part_5A.mp4 Music_Theory_101_Part_5L.mp4
Music_Theory_101_Part_3F.mp4 Music_Theory_101_Part_5B.mp4 Music_Theory_101_Part_6A.mp4
Music_Theory_101_Part_3G.mp4 Music_Theory_101_Part_5D.mp4 Music_Theory_101_Part_6B.mp4
Music_Theory_101_Part_3H.mp4 Music_Theory_101_Part_5E.mp4

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