About FREE Lessons:

Anyone in the world can sign up right here for 100% FREE guitar and bass lessons online.
These lessons are 100% FREE (donations accepted!) and are available in .PDF and .MP3 audio file formats
with supporting video lessons hosted on YouTube.com/pebberbrown and also Dailymotion.com/pbguitarstudio
FREE lessons are part of the ongoing new movement called "open courseware" (OCW) which was
invented and created by Massachusetts Institute of Technology. MIT has made all their University
classes available online for FREE to the public. MIT has published all of the class lectures, notes
videos and e-books all available online for FREE. To see MIT's Music and Art opencourseware
offerings, click here:

For any courses requiring purchased books, there are also automatic links to Amazon.com and others
where you may purchase the books. Open courseware is supported worldwide by many schools
and universities worldwide. To find out more click here:

Open Courseware (OCW) is now offered worldwide on the internet to people in all countries for FREE.
The only drawback to opencourseware is that you are not officially enrolled as a student and
do not receive any grades, private instruction, or any help, and contact with the professors is generally
not available. It is all free information for your own personal growth and development.

Here at pbguitarstudio.com we hope to contribute to the open courseware movement by
offering FREE ONLINE Guitar, Bass and Music Theory lessons, except with one difference -

IF you sign up you CAN have access to instructors by visiting our online forums.

We have a lot of seasoned professional music instructors in our online forums as part of our open courseware
consortium who will be able to respond to you direct you to YouTube and other video lessons to help you out.

There are two ways to do FREE lessons:

1:   If you want FREE lessons without any help,  they are available to download  in .pdf and .mp3 format.

You can download any of the .PDF lessons and .MPS files you want at any time 24/7/365.

To go to the FREE lesson download pages click here: 

2: If you want some assistance and help from our teachers, then you have to signup and join

our ONLINE FORUMS.  All questions are answered publicly in the forums and that is our preferred

method for delivery of our FREE help and tech support.  To receive any help or response to any question,

all questions must be posted publicly in our forums for all to read and respond to.

Please feel free to contact us THROUGH THE FORUMS at any time with any questions.

We have a growing list of instructors that will respond to your publicly posted questions:

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To email the group consortium of guitar instructors

Please send all your questions to our online FORUM